Video Game Collection | Tapping ASMR


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The things you will hear and see in this video are:
ASMR nail tapping sounds, french whispers, english whispers, word repetition, finger fluttering, tracing, video game collection, box tapping, fake nail tapping, les jeux videos, beaucoup de tapping, tapping avec les faux ongles, chuchotements anglais, chuchotements français, et les mots qui sont pour la détente. Bonsoir !
What I use to film:
Iphone 7
$30 Amazon Ringlight
Red Blue Yeti Microphone
With that being said, I would like to make this a regimented event in my life because I watch ASMR so much I would like to make others feel relaxed, too. I will be trying out different versions of ASMR tingles and triggers, and I need your help within the comments for how to make the video better, ideas on what to do, and what you liked and disliked. Your voices can make my content better, and you lovely watchers are now apart of my family. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I hope you have a more relaxed and wondrous day!
#ASMR #videogames #asmrfrench


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  1. Celaine has some very rare GBA games…. also if you look closely she puts a diamond between her 360 games at 18:23

  2. J'aime beaucoup votre travail, votre voix est aussi belle que votre sourire. Êtes-vous américaine ou canadienne? 🤔 Parce que les américains qui parle français c'est râre! (Moi je suis Belge)

  3. C'est une belle collection de jeux vidéos avec de grand classique! Tu as un très jolie français, sa ajoute vraiment de quoi à ton ASMR 🙂

  4. She c u t e
    And has G l a s s e s
    But the most important she C o l l e c

    Et pour mes jeux préférés j'en ai trop si on compte juste les exclusivités ps4 ça serait Bloodborne

  5. I’m too young to know all those games at the beginning. The oldest games that had an influence on me were MySims on wii and Animal Crossing New Leaf

  6. Hola belleza Francesa💝 ! oh wow!
    as you always look so beautiful and your videos are very captivating. I love you whispering and finger tapping: is very relaxing! you have so Lovely face 😊 and you're beautiful young woman and a great asmrtist very talented !i like your video games collection , it made me nostalgic when I played jehe ; You have a happy friday and nice day ; greetings pretty CeLaine ❤


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