BIG WARNING: This game is very heavy and covers extremely serious topics.
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  1. I know people probably don't care, but I want to share this in case someone is going through the same thing or something similar so they know they aren't alone:
    I watch this video, and all of Mark's "depressing" videos every time after I go to my therapist. And that is because I know he has the little talks at the end about how those words mean more to me than my life means to me. I've grown to not care about whether I get hurt or not because I was always told it would be better if I was dead.
    Even my so called "therapist" doesn't believe I actually struggle with these things, and she just says I'm an attention seeking brat. I've tried recording her saying it and showing my parents, but they say it's staged. Nobody believes that I actually have these thoughts, and so I've just started not caring.
    But hearing Mark talk about it… it just calms me down, and kind of makes me forget to not care. It might not make sense, but that's the best way I know how to describe it.
    My only friend knows this, too, so whenever I'm about to do something stupid that could hurt me, she shows me this. Once we were out camping with our scout troop and saw a water moccasin whole on a hike. The little ones that were with us were scared of it, so I was going to grab it and throw it. Before I could, and before it bit me, she showed me the end of this video and it helped me come to my senses.
    Mark has saved my life so many times, and I have no idea how to thank him.

  2. Wow YouTube DIDNT put a warning… this is the second markiplier Video with a 'trigger warning' on my 'foryou page'… amazing.

  3. This video came to me at the right time. If I had seen this video five years ago when he made the video, it would've passed me by. This was one of the days when I needed to hear it most. Thank you mark. I really needed this.

  4. objective 4: clean microwave
    me: ok. thats cool
    objective 5: decide what to do with the man in the cage
    me: that went from 0 to 100 way too quick

  5. What's the point of the game, or this video. If I'm suicidal, the warning doesn't stop me from watching it. And so, it just plants more dire thoughts in the brain. This game is for awareness, but it draws attention of negative minds as well.

  6. Don't Take This Risk is with a warning to everyone, but this game isn't?
    I don't know how YouTube operates, sincerely.

  7. I don't know if you'll ever see this but pls…do not kill yourself. If you think no one cares for you then what am I? A roach? Even though I haven't met you or seen you before but know that I really care for you.

  8. The static part represents the noise and thoughts that don’t make sense and it’s like static but as thoughts.
    Idk about other people but the thoughts are horrifying and it makes me almost see or hear things but I know it’s in my head and sometimes the voice in my head changes into many different voices all screaming things I can’t understand

  9. Jesus, it's so terrifying how a great number of people that are depressed, most of the time, they just give up and don't even bother to fight it up, they've lost their hope in everything etc. 😵😟

  10. Anyone else notice that the character didn’t have a mirror in his bedroom? depression, he didn’t want to see anything of himself.


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