While husband’s in a coma, she’s sleeping w/ his identical twin..but then he wakes up | Secret Love


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About ‘Secret Love’ (비밀애 – Bi-mil-ae)
She’s beautiful, young, and newlywed – yet Yeon-yi finds her world shattered when her husband, Jin-wu, is left in a coma from a brutal accident. When Yeoni-yi meets Jin-wu’s twin brother, however, she can’t help but fall for him – but good things don’t last when Jin-wu awakens from his coma.

Jeong In-gi 정인기
Ji Dae-han 지대한
Yoo Ji-tae 유지태
Yoon Jin-seo 윤진서

Directed by:
Ryu Hoon-i 류훈이

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  3. What're u expect to korean people?🤣 (and many east asia country like japan and china).
    Remember, in korea cheating is not a crime. Even husband/wife can't call the police for this 🤣
    Society like that is the heaven for alpha male/female who thirsty in freesex, even they search for married woman/man. Yeah married woman if they get pregnant then their husband will take responsible for that and their husband don't know their wife cheating 🤣
    That's why in many country like that, wedding is unnecessary and the impact is the child birth is low.

  4. I found her character trash… Even if he told her that he's the one she actually fall for but it was still her choice whether to stay loyal to her husband or not but she chose to cheat on him

  5. I watched this movie a month ago but didn't understand the ending… Who was alive at the end?
    Warning: This movie is not for the kids, I regret watching it as I'm still not 18

  6. I’m confused . Can someone explain to me
    1. Did twin brother lied to that lady that he saved her , but actually her husband was the one?
    2. When they were getting married why the ring was to small ? Did she go to get wedding bands with his brother or something
    3. who sent her letter in the end ? Husband or his brother

  7. For those who confused, in the early movie this woman was saved by one of the twins during the mountain hiking. She liked him ever since. Then on the second meeting, she met him on downtown. They liked each othrt and not long after, they get married but the husband suddeny in coma.

    The twins brother never came before, nor came to the wedding. The twin basically revealed to the woman that the first guy she met was actually him, and he loved the woman all along but she mistook him for the other twin (the one that she has married to). A lot of plot twist happened in this movie, this is really worth to watch!

  8. Why they make such wierd dramas.. Other side, I guess not wrong If, they make sure it reaches to all right message. What is wrong and right… Still, as per the story – female character found both are identical twins at airport . That too bad, she sleep at car. :(… Rather fight and run or kill and run. Who care …. or fight and die. It's would been better story too… Rather showing the female character slept 🙁 …

    Also, I noticed same female character doing nursing to his coma husband fully. Such devoted wife , doing this … Even, making story like this – how they imagine …

  9. This is so messed up? So did the wife actually love the twin brother more but married the other brother because of his coma state? 0_0

  10. 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😣😣😣😣😑😑😑😬😬😬😡😡🙅🙏😒🙅🙅🙅🙏😑😠😾🙅


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