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Indie development can be a taxing experience, but recently a Wii U game developer decided to hire someone to make a trailer for him, then refused to pay until an unwatermarked version was sent to him. What happens next was even more insane. This is the story of Coqui the Game, a Wii U game developer who stole and didn’t pay for a trailer that he hired someone to do.

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  1. Hey RGTHIEF85 Nintendo never took your case against my Indie game for the eSHOP>>> Shame on you Evil Liar Deadbeat, My Humble game still on the Arks of the Nintendo eShop libraries >>> You are a Loser trying to get money from Patreon by just talking Lies and Hate>>> You Deadbeat Liar

  2. I've was on the receiving end of deceitful game development clients for years, its lead me to keep away from any collaborative work

    I felt by watching this that someone else understood what I had gone through for years, thank you!

  3. This video is kinda childish bro.. I mean I was into it at first because you were telling a story, it was interesting.. but then it turns into you airing out this guy's dirty laundry, like "I know a guy who works at Nintendo" and "I'm telling all my friends what you did!!"

    This guy is obviously a scum bag bottom feeder. This video will likely sell more copies of his game than it would have sold on it's own.

    I've done website development and graphics design, this kinda crap unfortunately happens sometimes. Just pick up and walk away.

    I wouldn't have minded if the video had some sort of premise besides "This guy screwed over my friend be so I'm going to tell everyone I know, just so everyone knows what a scumbag he is"

    Reminds me of a child flailing on the ground kicking and screaming throwing a tantrum because he couldn't get his way.

  4. This guy sounds like a big con man, thanks for sharing this info. I definitely won't be getting any games made by him even if they are free (he probably stole them too)

  5. Just now I was looking for some retro indie stuff on the WiiU since I've seen shootemups have been moving quite a bit and I love them. While browsing I came across this title and my immediate reaction was like: "Oh God no…". I'm puertorrican and live in PR and I must say that lot people here lack originality and just clone everything or make bad games and stick patriotism to everything. It's a shame that I was expecting something like this. And I'm glad that you did something about it, I'm pretty sure that original the trailer was good but the dev destroyed it. It's better to shut down these kind of people down instead of letting them spread the hate toward the country.

  6. Terrible. Just terrible. Is there an update to this story? I would put a transparent watermark over the whole video next time.

  7. I've noticed that the trailer has been changed, his Facebook page is seemingly gone, and his Twitter is blocked to public view.

  8. hey dude…. theyve stolen a theme from the castle crashers game in the re uploaded trailer… thats 2 offenses…these people steal everything

  9. Hey, just wanted to let you know in my dealings with some Wii U piracy bits, I've seen that no one is even pirating this so called game.

  10. I'm Puerto Rican (born and raised there until we moved to Texas 12 years ago) and what this dude did is atrocious. It's embarrassing that our iconic mascot is being used like this.

    I just saw this community on Miiverse and recognized the Coqui (like you said, it's a symbol of Puerto Rican culture) and checked out what others had to say. To my surprise they were calling the developer a thief and I wanted to know what the heck happened thus here I am! For shame! Nintendo should step in and remove this game from sale along with its Miiverse community.

  11. Oh boy the developer uploaded a video "'Coqui The Game' To much Hate for an Indie Game Created for Kids and Families" The description (and the video) I have no words for this. Comments disabled and ratings disabled I wonder why.

  12. My mom's second cousin's sister's brother is 1/16th Puerto Rican so I'm not racist! And I have exactly 3 black friends and not a smidgen more! How can I be racist?? 😂 😂

  13. If someone is being really stubborn about getting all of the merchandise before they pay anything at all there is unfortunately (usually) a bad reason for it.

  14. As a Puertorican who values and works in marketing and graphic design in the US I apologize if this troglodite gave us a bad name. I dont know how long your friend Bret has been working in the business but let him know that he should charge a deposit fee before he start working in his projects thats my tip from pro to pro. I hate when my fellows in the marketing business gets mistreated and I really hope he can take positive knowledge from this. People like this Albert dude are the reason I left to the US.


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