Worst Ingrown Toenails? Calvin's Nail Treatment


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What is an ingrown fingernail?
Your nails and skin are made of a protein called keratin. Nails are formed when dense layers of keratinized cells push to the surface of your finger. Ridges on your nails correspond to skin ridges underneath your nails. These help hold your nails in place.

When the shape of your nail changes, the ridges that hold your nail in place can lose their connection. This can cause the nail to grow into the sides or corners of your skin. This is known as an ingrown nail. A number of things can cause this, including:

fungal infection
growth that’s too fast or too slow
improper trimming, such as leaving a nail spike on the end
nail biting

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In this video you are watching documentary (reality) footage of Dr. G working in his clinic in the Houston area. This content is provided to help encourage medical discussion and education.

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    Paronychia is an infection in the tissues surrounding a fingernail or toenail. In most instances, the finger is infected by Staphylococcus aureus, a common staph bacterium, or by the fungus candida. Infections may progress to full-blown, painful abscesses. If an infection persists without treatment, there is risk of more serious infection and permanent damage to the nail.

  2. F**k this has gotta hurt. I feel like crying for the guy. Literally had to cover one eye/both eyes at certain points.

  3. If the pain does not stop does that mean the infection is right through the toe ? as in going to the bone. Why did you not tourniquet the toe 🙁

  4. Glad you gave the patient enough lidocaine. Many years ago I had an ingrown that was very infected just like this patient. The Dr. gave me two injections (not sure of the amount) and it didn't numb me at all. And she said she couldn't give me any more, that was the max she was allowed to give me. So I had to just grin and bear it, and it hurt like HELL when she shoved that thing under my toenail! 🤬

  5. It honestly just seems like he just rushes everything 😔 there's no real care taken toward doing a treatment or job properly and I'm noticing it more with his videos.

  6. Hey Doctor G. I love every single video you are able to put on utube. You are a very compassionate Doctor with a great bed side manor. I felt really bad for the ingrown toenail guy you called Calvin I believe, I can't imagine the pain he felt. I would only ask you to do one small minor adjustment to how you do an ingrown toenail. To help, your patients feel less pain. If you have time please watch "The Toe Bro." Watching one of his videos can only make you a better doctor. You couldn't be anymore sweet and compassionate but I've had an ingrown toenail and I must say The Toe Bro really knows his toes. Anyways, please keep putting out more videos. I wouldn't miss even 1 if I can help it. Take care. All the love from Canada!!!!!!


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